There is No Such Thing as a Nice Scream #ChillYourAnger

There's No Such Thing as a Nice Scream

There really is no such thing as a nice scream.  Have you ever thought about it?  If you're a parent, teacher or childcare provider, you know that getting kids to use their "inside voices", or "turn down the volume" can be a real feat.  There is no time when this is more true than when kids are angry.  We can help! It's always a good idea to do something a little catchy and memorable, so it has some sticking power. The "No Such Thing as a Nice Scream" poster can help kids remember. (Heck, it helps us remember, too!)

Chill Your Anger

Anger can really get the best of kids (and us too), but it doesn't have to!  Learning ways to calm our limbic (emotional) brain, get the angry energy out of our body and learning new ways to talk to ourselves makes a world of difference. We help kids do all of that and more in our recent release:

 In it you'll find therapeutic grade interventions (the kind I actually use in my office with kids) that you can use at home, in the classroom, with scouts or for counseling (if you're a therapist).


So, I've created these little posters that you can print out and post in the classroom, at daycare, on your home fridge, on the bathroom mirror...behind the driver's seat of the car...wherever someone may need to reference it as a reminder.  The poster up top is for the kiddos, the one to remind ourselves!

More anger resources for kids: 


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