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Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment.  It's something we must all do.  Hopefully, we learned well and can pass that along to the next generation.  Dealing with disappointment doesn't come naturally, but it is a skill that can be taught.  Helping kids deal with disappointment just got easier with our newest release: The Way the Cookie Crumbles.  It's a fun, non-threatening way to teach skills that will last a lifetime.

The Science Behind It 

This resource provides a very powerful mix of strategies (culled from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help kids build resilience and bounce back from disappointment.  Combining thinking, feeling and behavior strategies, this resource helps kids gain a new perspective.  The interventions are proven effective to help and represent best practices in behavioral health for kids.  These strategies have helped in clinical settings, as well as in schools and homes.

The Bargain Behind It

If you were to bring your child to my office, it would cost $250.00 just for the initial consult. Then $150.00 for follow-up visits. The material covered in this workbook would take 3-5 visits to complete. You do the math. It adds up quickly, yet there are skills you can teach your child at home.

This workbook represents an affordable way to help your child learn crucial skills. It's not a replacement for therapy. Only you and your healthcare provider or qualified and licensed clinician can decide if your child needs therapy.

What You Get

Some of the pages are in full color, but print equally well in black & white.

More than 50 pages of content.

Therapeutic-grade interventions, suitable for home, classroom, counseling, group or scouting use. 

9 Tips for Parents, Educators and Therapists and Group Facilitators on Helping Kids Deal with Disappointment.

A Set of 3 Posters to Print and Hang to Reinforce the Concepts

A Printable Workbook for Kids (Color cover, black and white/grayscale, and minimal splashes of color for ease of printing quantities for group use.)

Workbook/handouts with page options for younger and older students (K-5).  Pick the handouts/ pages that work best with your age group.

Thinking Strategies

Feeling Strategies

Doing Strategies

Includes options for writing or drawing responses.

Worksheets/activities that combine all strategies together.

*Note: These concepts work equally well for young children, however, the adult/caregiver will obviously have to read and explain the concepts.  Worksheets/activities suitable for young children are included.

This resource is perfect for parents with kids of multiple ages, educators in multi-age classrooms, Child and Adolescent Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, School Social Workers, Family Life Specialists and MORE!

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The Story Behind the Cover

We had so much fun creating this workbook and designing this cover.  We asked our readers on twitter, pinterest and facebook to weigh in on their thoughts between two different covers...and weigh in they did!  We got all sorts of feedback on people's preferences and WHY they had them.  It was invaluable feedback!

Want to see what the original choices were?  Here they are:

The left side won out, but some of the feedback was so valuable, that I ended up tweaking it in the slightest way.  It ended up being a combination of the two.

Thanks to all who weighed in!


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