31 Cardboard Playthings You Can Make

I was recently interviewed by Melitsa of Raising Playful Tots.  (I'll share the link here as soon as the show airs.)  At the end of the interview, Melitsa asked me some fun questions.  One was regarding the favorite plaything in my house when my kids were younger.  Hands down, it was empty boxes and string and doo-dads that were converted into spaceships, igloos, huts, forts and MORE!  I've used BIG boxes for many therapeutic interventions with kiddos, too.  There's something about an empty box that just begs to be transformed.  With an old box, bit of ingenuity and a few extra odds and ends, you can go to the moon, ride a horse, whip up a meal and photograph it all (just add your imagination)!

Here's how:

1.  Oven by funfamilycrafts.com 

2.  Doghouse by designdazzle.com

3.  Bowling by dharmajane   

4.  Camera  by apartmenttherapy.com PLUS 15 total cardboard designs

5.  Dollhouse by ikatbag.com  

6.  Mini House by charcoalandcrayon.com

7.  Paper Bag Horse by daniellesplace.com

8.  Elevator by mommo-design PLUS 8 total cardboard designs

Plus MORE:

Car by craftulate.com

Cat Toy  by mowobjetos (In Spanish, but you can follow along, even if you do not speak Spanish.)

What's the favorite plaything at your house?


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