Kidlutions Gets Poshed

Why I'm In the Pink 

If you had told me one year ago that I would upload a pic of myself to my blog, donning a facial mask, I would have asked if you were feeling a bit feverish.  Yet, it's no longer one year ago, and here I am doing just that.

It's a bit of a circuitous path, but stick with me.

Just prior to the holidays, I had seen a friend's facebook post about some pampering products and a deadline for holiday orders.  I clicked through, and was pleasantly surprised to find the gentle, natural ingredients used in the products.  Since my daughter has REALLY sensitive skin, I thought I'd pick up a few things for her.  As I continued to peruse the catalog, my list kept getting longer.  And longer. So long, in fact, that it became a wiser choice to just purchase the starter kit and call it a day.

And then, I just sat  back and waited for the glorious products to come in:

The above kit is representative of what a new consultant gets when joining Posh.
The kits change from time to time, but they are always wonderful!
To see the current starter kit, go HERE!

So Simple It's a Win-Win!

At Kidlutions, we like to keep things simple.  We take BIG psychological, neurobiological and quantam physics concepts and simplify them into information and products that make a difference in the lives of parents, educators and kids worldwide.  We also share information and products we firmly believe in and which we know help families in some way.  In keeping with this notion, Perfectly Posh, the company behind these pampering products, is no different.  They simplify everything by keeping it natural and pure. And their products feel amazing on your skin, and truly make a difference. Win-win for me and my daughter (and entire family)! And hopefully, for you, too!

Take Good Care of You

I think when Perfectly Posh developed their products, it was with an eye towards helping women, then teens, take care of themselves.  They get the fact that we have to be good to ourselves first and foremost, before we can be good to others.  We need to slow down. Breathe. Take care of ourselves. And we need to teach our daughters (and sons) to do the same.  It's an important, solid concept. All good things flow when you take care of you.

{Here is the reason behind my pink face! Loved every minute of it!}

Ga-Ga Crazy

I must say, I have a handful of Posh products that I am ga-ga crazy over! Like, cannot live without them! I'll tell more about that in the future. For now, I just want to tell you that from time-time, when some really, really AWESOME products are on deep discount, or products come out that will change your life, I'll give a shout-out here.  Or, you can check out all of the products for yourself by going HERE anytime. There are a few products I know will be game-changers, which I'll also be sharing about in the near future.  Our focus is and will always be on helping you raise socially competent and well-adjusted human beings.  And taking care of yourself is a big part of the equation.  That's why we've joined up with Posh.

Want to Join Me?

If you have taken the time to check out Perfectly Posh, and have a desire to share incredible products with others (either by traditional home or portable parties, or online through your blog or social media outlets, like I am) be sure to join me!  You can find out more HERE.

Just go HERE to find out more about joining!

Online or off, becoming an independent consultant with Posh pays. Whether you are looking for a few extra spending bucks, or want to pay your mortgage, all the way to building a new home or financing your child's college education, Posh can take you there.  It's up to you to decide.

The Posh Opportunity

Posh is for anyone and everyone.  You can join posh as an Independent Consultant and just purchase for yourself, family and friends...or build yourself a multi-million dollar business.  It's totally up to you! Your business, your way. That is what the coolest part about it is.

My Posh approach will be to simply share great finds with my online readership, but others prefer to make this a full-time, reach for the stars adventure! Go you! If you run an online business, you likely already have affiliate relationships with other companies.  I can pretty much guarantee that Perfectly Posh gives you much higher payouts. And rewards you handsomely when you work smart! You are going to LOVE it!

Why I Ultimately Chose Posh

The thing that cinched the deal for me (other than the crazy great products) was the company bylaws and policies about how to treat other people and speaking with honesty and impeccability. That's number one in our book! Posh was speaking my language!  Next, and just as important, is the product ingredients! All natural.  Good for you.  Uber important when you remember that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body!  Here's what you get when you use Posh:

Next, came the fact that Posh does NOT limit you by holding you hostage to just their company. Nosiree! They not only allow, but encourage you to be affiliated with as many entrepreneurial outlets as you desire. Finally, Posh is committed to your success (they even have a new teen program that allows young women aged 16 and above to become Independent Consultants with their teen line, Pretty Posh).  Posh is so invested in your success that you get all the business support you can handle through their Posh Portal, Posh Box and Posh Virtual Office.  There's nothing quite like it! See for yourself!

Well, that completes my little story about WHY I am in the PINK!

 Keep Calm, Keep Posh and Above All, Keep It REAL!


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