How I Ended My Love Affair with Carbs, Sugar and Caffeine

It All Had To Come To An End

I knew it would all have to end one day.  I had this love affair that wasn't exactly hidden.  My friends were well aware of it, as were my husband and kids.  Lots of you may be caught in a love affair of similar sorts.  You know what I'm talking about: carbs, sugar and caffeine.  Oh, I don't mean I just sort of liked these things, or even that I liked them a lot.  That would be a gross understatement.  Noooooooo, I LOVED them. Like couldn't get enough.  I loved everything about them...the anticipation, the taste...but not so much the havoc they wreaked on my body. It started to become a love-hate kind of relationship.  Not to worry, though....that sluggishness was easily counteracted by caffeine...and lots of it.  I was caught up in a merry-go-round of feast and famine, trying to go it alone, waiting for the next fad diet to cure me.  

I Fell Prey 

I fell prey to the low-fat, fat-free, sugar-free craze time and time again.  I hopped on those bandwagons multiple times, thinking they were the answer.  What I was left with was an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.  Don't get me wrong, yo-yo's are wonderful things.  But those ups and downs had me singing the blues. Lose 10 pounds, gain 15.  Lose 15 pounds, gain 20.  I was left befuddled every single time.  It all seemed pretty hopeless.  

Walking Away

I knew I had to do it.  I had to walk away.  I just didn't know how I would do it.  I found myself lacking in motivation to break the ties.  All of the things that were just part of my daily grind (pun intended) were hard to imagine living without.  In fact, I wasn't quite sure I could live without them without feeling deprived, cheated and left out.  Boy, was I wrong. Really wrong.

In with the New

Enter Angelle Batten.  I've known Angelle for years.  I follow her online and she follows me. We've retweeted and reposted each other's work.  About four years ago, she single-handedly got me, my kids and even the neighbor kids slurping up kale in our smoothies.  Little did I know that Angelle also held the key, the holy grail, that would extricate me from the cycle of carb, sugar and caffeine addiction.  But, she did.  And she helped me kick that terrible trio in just two weeks.  And she helped me do it without me feeling deprived, cheated or left out.  That was nothing short of miraculous in my eyes. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. How true that rings! Listen in to my FREE call with Angelle.  We're talking about the 14 Day Get REAL Plan. Once you sign up, you'll receive the call in number and pass code.  (If you sign up after the call, you'll receive the link to the MP3 download.)

Two Week Turnaround

Now, you might think I'm exaggerating when I say this, but it's the honest truth.  What happened for me can happen for you.  Angelle invited me to join her Get REAL Beyond Organic 14 Day Cleanse.  I knew all about her cleanse, having been a subscriber to her newsletter.  But, I never investigated it, never considered it.  That was for folks who wanted to get their systems cleaned out of things that were bad for it.  Certainly, I wasn't eating things that were bad for me, just eating them a bit out of balance, or so I thought.

Angelle told me that hundreds of busy moms and dads had gone through the cleanse with some incredible results.  She asked me to join.  I emailed her back with the insanity that was my schedule.  I told her that if she thought I could follow along with the plan, given my schedule, I'd be willing to give it a whirl.  So I did. 

You're Not Going to Believe What Happened 

Within two weeks, the following things have transpired.  I have been whipped into shape both literally and figuratively.  

1.  I have a bedtime of 10pm.  This is a feat of epic proportions.  I am a self-avowed night-owl and those who know me understand that my natural circadian rhythm is to be up until about 2 am.  

2. I am completely free of added sugars.  I don't even use sugar-substitutes.  I used to use those in spades on a daily basis.

3.  I am completely caffeine free.  This is unbelievable!

4.  I am free of carbs that do not naturally occur in fruits and veggies.  That's right, this pasta-packin', rice-wielding, grain-loving mama does not use any kind of carbs.  It's a miracle.  A true blue spectacle miracle.  And I don't even miss them. Miracle x2.

5.  I don't drink sodas. Not even diet.  I could have been the global diet soda ambassador.  Not anymore.

6.  I'm snack-free. I don't snack at all. Ever.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it.  I don't even miss it. Scout's honor.

7.  I like to move it, move it! Just 20 minutes a day...that's all it takes!

8.  I unplug at least 1/2 hour to an hour before bedtime.  That's crazy for someone who used to fall asleep at her computer. Literally. (Guess what? The world did not stop spinning! I just got really good as using my time more efficiently!)

What I Gained

I gained energy, a new lease on life, and knowledge of what I need to eat to fuel myself so that I can make it from one meal to the next without having to snack my fool head off.  I've learned to trust my body and to give it what it needs.  It is nothing short of amazing.  

What I Lost 

I lost my cravings and insatiable desire for sweets and carbs.  Angelle had the answer I needed, packaged neatly in a two week program, that is amazing beyond belief.  

As an added bonus, I lost 12.6 pounds without much effort at all.  I'm fitting into pants I haven't been able to wear for three years!  I entered this cleanse with NO expectations, just curiosity as to what would take place.  And I'm pleased as punch with the results!

I lost my yearning for the next big fix, the next fad diet and the next cure all.  

I found the secret to healthy, happy eating that seems crazy beyond belief.  I'm still following Angelle's plan, and am still experiencing amazing benefits.  

You Can Do It, Too! 

I have no doubt that if you are stuck on the yo-yo, merry-go-round of dieting, you can reap the same kind of benefits I did.  As I was three days into this plan, I remember thinking, "This is too good to be REAL. I know my cravings are going to kick in and I'm going to go ga-ga crazy!"  Guess what? They never did.  I'm now three weeks into it, and still going strong.  This is really not a diet, it's a way of life...a lifestyle...a plan for living.

If you want to experience some of the same successes I did (and continue to do) simply go HERE to find out more.  

The next cleanse starts March 30, 2014, but the deadline to order is March 24th, 2014.

I'm not sure how Angelle does this all for $179.00. The products you get alone are worth almost DOUBLE that, not to mention getting Angelle's expertise and guidance the whole way through.

What You Get

These are the products you will come to LOVE.
These are just part of the plan.
You'll be eating plenty of wholesome, REAL food
that is PACKED with nutrition! 
You are gonna LOVE it!

If you opt to join the Beyond Organic 14 Day Get REAL Health Plan, you will get everything you need to be successful and then some!

Included in this program:

~ A 45 page eBook that is the entire plan laid out for you

~ A two week menu with tons of flexibility to mix things up to your own tastes and specifications

~ Recipes for the whole two weeks without added sugar, carbs, gluten, grain, etc. The recipes are amazing...and my family LOVED them!

~ A daily email with support, suggestions and extra information for more learning

~ All of the Beyond Organic supplies you need for your morning smoothies, 3 day liquid cleanse (it is FAB), and supplement.

~ Unlimited access to Angelle on her member's only facebook page.  Here, you will find only love and support.  No judging, no blaming.  Just open, honest feedback and support from other cleansers.  You're going to get a TON of information through this group.  Get a notebook!  This support alone is worth far more than the cost of the entire program.  If you were to be coached individually by Angelle, you could easily pay five times this amount!  Every single question you ask is answered on this page.  It is clear that Angelle is at the helm, yet you will get tons of feedback and support from fellow cleansers.  Many past cleansers hang out on the board, too, offering support and to cheer you on.  (Don't be surprised if you see me there from time to time!)

Learn more on the free call with Angelle.  Go HERE to register!

Would I Recommend This to My Best Friend?

I would recommend this anyone who wanted to improve their health, rid themselves of food-related allergies, aches and pains, tiredness and who wanted to lose weight.  Losing weight is just one of the results of this program.  There are tons more.  

Not only would I recommend this to my best friend, I would recommend it to my husband, my mother, and my sister...and anyone else I cared about who could benefit!

Here's to your health,

STAY TUNED: There will be a bit more coming...Angelle and I plan on having a call to help you get a better feel for what the cleanse is all about.  I'm also going to share a bit more...complete with some pics the actual, incredible foods I prepared in my own kitchen during the past few weeks on this plan.  It is YUMMY!  I'll tell you what my kids thought and hubs thought about it all, too! It's crazy cool! Here's the place to SIGN UP for the call!

(I received the Beyond Organic 14 Day Get REAL Health Plan at no charge, to review.  All thoughts and results are my own and may not be reflective of what others will experience during the cleanse. Each individual is different, and it is expected that individual results will reflect this.  As always, if you have questions, consult with your personal physician before embarking upon any diet or fitness plan. These claims have not been reviewed by the FDA.)


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