Weigh in about Playground Politics

There's still time to weigh in about "Playground Politics", 
if you haven't already!

You can still weigh in HERE!

We asked and you delivered.  Beyond my expectations!  This topic of Playground Politics struck a chord with so many of you.

Within 24 hours of releasing the survey, scores of you clicked through to respond.  I printed out tons of pages containing your thoughts, concerns, fears and heartaches.  Some of what you shared pulled on my heart-strings and made me teary-eyed.  Some responses brought a smile to my face about how you have resolved situations.  One thing is for sure, our readers here are deep, reflective thinkers who care an awful lot about their kids, the kids they teach and the kids they see in therapy. I'm in awe!

You've given me so much to think about...and I'll be covering it all in our upcoming book: The Smart Parent's Guide to Playground Politics and Other Sticky Situations with Kids.  It will debut towards the end of this month.

If you haven't yet, you can still weigh in and tell us about your experiences or burning questions with Playground Politics HERE

Find joy in the everyday ordinary...

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One of the recurring themes regarding playground problems/politics includes social emotional skills (or lack thereof).  Teaching kids how to deal with and resolve conflict is something we'll help you tackle with your kids in Playground Politics.

In the meantime, here's a workbook that can help young kids cope with sad feelings.  

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