5 Ways to Play Tag

Tag, You're It! Five Ways to Play Tag

Who doesn’t fondly remember playing tag as a kid?  This old-school favorite can be played in a multitude of ways.  In fact, the number of ways you can play is only limited by your imagination.  

Here, we share five ways to play the game.

  1. Flashlight Tag: Fun after the sun goes down! The person who is “it” is armed with a flashlight, which must remain on.  A person is considered tagged when they are identified by name by “it”.  The tagged person then becomes “it” and a new round begins.
  2. The Blob: One person starts out as “it”. As he or she tags others, they join hands and work together, adding more players to the “blob”, until everyone is tagged.
  3. Animal Tag: Everyone, including “it” act as if they are a predetermined animal during game play. “It” gets to choose the animal; rabbit, lion, dog, ape, etc. When “it” tags someone, that person becomes the new “it” and calls out the animal to imitate.
  4. Numbers Tag: Why not sneak in a little learning with the fun?  When “it” tags someone, the "tagee" will give “it” a math problem to solve.  Decide ahead of time if addition, subtraction or division will be used.  If “it” does not get the right answer, he or she must continue to tag others until they get the right answer.  Looking for more ways to help kids learn math?  Look no further than Dr. Lynne Kenney's Play Math. If your child struggles with math, don't miss it!
  5. Compliment Tag: Sneak in a little social skill building with the festivities.  When “it” tags someone, they must give him or her a genuine compliment.  The tagged person then becomes “it” and the game proceeds. This version is fun for all kids, but can be particularly helpful for kids with ASD. To carry through with more intentional teaching of compliments, try our resource, The Compliment Games.
Find it HERE!

What ways do your kids play tag?  Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear about it!


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