Angry Kids: Over a Dozen Ways to Help

Anger Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Anger comes in all shapes and sizes.  Small, medium, large and the dreaded super-sized.  Truth is, we don't have to fear any feeling, even those super-sized ones.  All of them can be managed and we can teach kids how to shrink them down...yes, even the super-sized ones!

What Does a Little Kid Have to Be Angry About?

It was quite interesting to me when, over a decade ago, I created an anger management group for children in a school.  It was broken down into early elementary and upper elementary.  Someone asked, "Really? What does a little kid/Kindergartener have to be angry about?"  To which I promptly replied, "Plenty!"  That early elementary anger management group filled up quicker than I could blink my eyes.  In fact, I believe I ran two sections of it!

Helping Kids Deal with BIG Angry Feelings

If you parent, teach or provide services to a child with BIG angry feelings, we've got a few resources that might be of help.  We've gathered up the posts that may be of interest and put all the links right here, in this handy post.  Feel free to bookmark it and reference it, as needed.

In no particular order, here they are:

14. Creating a Calm Family

We hope you find something that's helpful!


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