A Petal In My Pocket: Build Relationships with #PetalPower

Put A Petal In Your Pocket: #PetalPower

(Special thanks to Dr. Lynne Kenney for conceptualizing and spearheading this lovely activity!)

If there is one thing we have learned in our families, it is that loving communication improves our relationships.  But sometimes we are not sure what to say or do to tell someone “I appreciate you” in a meaningful way.  With our new "Bloom Petals", you can say something special to anyone anytime.

We are encouraging expressions of love with #BloomParenting #PetalPower. We’d like to see thousands of families share words of gratitude, love and interaction by exchanging petals. You can also adapt this to use in your classroom.

You can download this free printable for inspiration:

Get your copy HERE

How do you use your #PetalPower?  

Simply download our FREE #PetalPower template to exchange petals of love with your family members.   Cut out a petal, write any message of love or fill-in one of our #PetalPower quotes and give it to someone you love, including your mother, grandmother or child.

Your family could even make a #PetalPower Flower together sharing individual petals with another.  Your classroom could adapt this activity to share kindness! The garden has no limit, let your creativity be the guide. Carrying the cherished words of your mother, father, child, classmate or loved one all day, perhaps even in your pocket, builds strength, confidence and connection, with those you love.

         For FAMILY USE

“You’re the petal in my pocket.”
“I love that I take you everywhere with me. All I need to do is think of you as the petal in     
  my pocket.”
“I love you because __________________.”
“When you _____________________ I feel loved by you.”
“My favorite thing we do together is _________________.”
“When you ______________ I appreciate you even more.”


Challenge your class to find kind things to say to each other and exchange them on petals. Create a bulletin board as a reminder of all the good cheer that is shared amongst and between classmates.

"You make me happy when __________________."
"I really appreciate when____________________."
"You are so good at________________________."
"You tried so hard to_______________________."

Let’s share meaningful messages of love and kindness with #PetalPower.

Contact:  Wendy Young and Lynne Kenney 


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