How To Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce is Sad

Divorce is sad. No matter the reason for the divorce, it is an end to something that was once filled with love and hope and amazing possibilities.  For some, divorce will come as a relief, but even so, for most there will be twinges of sadness for what could have been or what should have been.

When Kids are Part of the Equation

When kids are involved, both parents often turn their attention to supporting and loving their child through this huge transition.  Many parents worry, "Will my child be okay?"  "Will my child thrive despite the divorce?" "Will my child be forever damaged by this break-up?" "Will my child still know how much both parents love him, even though our feelings for each other have changed?" 

These concerns only add the stressors already inherent in a divorce situation.

Children are Resilient

Yet, people (including children) are resilient.  Kids can survive and thrive, but there are a few things parents should know to help buffer the impact of a divorce. 

Below you'll find an excerpt from an infographic about divorce. We think you'll find that it contains some good news. It also shares how to minimize divorce's impact on kids.  This is something that's within the reach of all families! The information speaks for itself:



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Find it HERE.

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