The Thing You Swore You'd Never Do

Things You'll Never Do

It's either written down or kept in your head, but you likely have one of those lists of things you'll never do. For me, one of the items to top that list was running a 5K or just running period. Running is a fine thing and a really healthy thing, but it's one of those things of which  I'm not particularly fond. Okay, the truth is, I abhor it. My long-time high school friends can vouch. They know. Still, I ran...and walked...and walked...and ran.

Making Good on a Promise

My girl has been running since middle school, at which time I told her I liked the thought of running a 5K with her and promised I would do so one day. The opportunity presented itself and I finally made good on that promise. It's a good thing, too, because she's ready to head off to college! It was exhilarating crossing that finish line. Yes, I ran across it! Many of you may know the feeling!

What's on Your List?
What's one thing you swore you'd never do, but ended up doing anyways? 

What's one thing you swear you'll never do, but would be surprised if you actually did?

Now...get out there and surprise yourself! Even if  Especially if you're 50 or beyond!


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