How to Turn Off a Tantrum

Anyone who is a parent can tell you about a tantrum that almost did them in. Here, we tell you how to take the bite out of your child's tantrum.

1. Keep your head about you. Even if you feel like you are about to come unglued, never...ever let your child know. The goal is to make yourself calm, cool and collected when you least feel like it.

2. Do NOT engage with your child when she is in the middle of her meltdown. Say nothing more than, "When you are calm I will talk with you."

3. Remember that giving your child attention when she is acting out, even if it is negative, will encourage more of the same behavior. Stay nearby to make sure your child does not hurt herself, but do something inside your head to help ignore the tantrum. (Go over your grocery list, plan your menu for the week, imagine yourself on a tropical island...whatever!)

4. Be sure to give your child lots of hugs and attention when she is making good choices and behaving in ways you desire. Make sure your child knows you love her ALL of the time!

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