Little Kids, Big Anger

Does Your Child Have Over-the-Top Anger? 

If you have a pint-sized person who has over-the-top anger, nobody has to tell you how much it can impact your child's life AND your life.  It may impact the whole family.  When a child's anger is bigger than she is, it can interfere with her making and keeping friends, feeling good about herself and feeling confident in her ability to interact with the world.  Parents and caregivers often report feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and incompetent when it comes to trying to help the child change. (This can help.) Often times, it results in a cycle of anger, acting out, punishment and more anger.  That vicious cycle becomes an anger merry-go-round that nobody likes to be on, but they're not sure how to get off of it.

Help Your Child Get Off of the Anger Merry-Go-Round!

The anger merry-go-round can lead to kids beginning to feel ineffectual in handling their feelings, and can begin to erode their self-esteem.  This wear and tear is avoidable and there's no magic wand needed.  It's as simple as:

1.  Changing how you view your child's anger.
2.  Managing your own reaction/not personalizing.
3.  Teaching solid social-emotional skills.
4.  Providing age-appropriate anger-reduction activities.
5.  Providing ongoing support.

Wonder how to do some of the above or all of the above?  We've got the 411 on that, and we'll share a sneak peak with you on our , "Anger Toolbox for Kids".  How do we know these strategies work?  Because we've spent over 20 years developing these techniques, which have met with success in homes and classrooms! 

On our downloadable MP3, we cover all of the following:

1. The origins of anger in children
2. The physical and emotional reactions that occur when kids get mad
3. Why some kids experience anger much more intensely than others
4. The top ways we inadvertently encourage more "over-the-top" anger reactions in our kids
5. Ways we can HELP our kids deal with anger

To get our MP3 download and PDF handouts, click here!  We've had an overwhelming response to this information, so we know that you are not alone in trying to help your kids manage over-the-top feelings!
For one of the coolest ways we know to help kids "chill" their anger, check out our Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops Activity Book, suitable for home, school, scout and therapy use!  


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