Fun with Feelings: Faces Playdough Mats

These Faces Playdough Mats make it fun to learn about feelings!
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Everytime you help your child learn about feelings, and how to deal with them, you are helping her learn how to become successful in life.  Emotional literacy is just as important as learning how to read, do math calculations and write one's name. 

It's never too young to start talking about feelings with your child, either.  If your child enjoys a rather intense temperament and you are looking for ways to help him better deal with anger, be sure to check our Anger Toolbox for Kids downloadable MP3 and select handouts, as well as visit our Anger Toolbox for Kids on facebook!

Learning how to deal with feelings can help immunize your child against stress, depression and anxiety.

Here's a fun way to play with toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary students.  Simply print out the faces available in "Faces Playdough Mats" and let your child go to town imagining what kinds of feelings each person has.

See how others have used the "Playdough Faces" idea:

Here is Hillary Cowley's take on the Playdough Faces.

You can also find Hillary at

If you do this project with your child and blog about it, let us know about it!  It doesn't matter if you find this post a year from now and do the project! We'll link back to your blog!  Simply contact me, put "PLAYDOUGH FACES" in the subject line, and send me a link to your blog.  (Be sure the blog is left in long format, we cannot click on any links that have been shortened.)

Other articles and resources that help with feelings:

Feelings, Don't Erase Them...Embrace Them

3 Easy Steps to Encouraging the Shy Child

Here are some of our very own resources that help kids deal with feelings:

Don't forget the playdoh:

We recommend laminating the Playdough Faces:

Have fun!


vegasgrrl24 said…
Any tips on getting my kid to actually touch play dough??
Mommy Provost said…
What a great idea! Both of my children are homeschool and have Autism. This is the perfect activity for them. We will be adding this into our activities for next week! Thanks!
Hi, there! I'm not sure how old your child is, but one recommendation I have is to make a variety of playthings available to your child. You can encourage playdough play by playing along yourself and showing your child what can be created with playdough. Don't force your child to play with it, however. Some children have sensory issues, and pushing before your child is able to play with it of his/her own volition wouldn't be in the best interest of the child. Whatever you play with your child, have fun!

Wendy =)
Oh Wow! we did this excercise and had an amazing insight. Definitely worth trying, if play doe isn't your thing maybe try it with pencils and paper.

I will be posting my observations and reflections on this on my blog tomorrow 21/10/2011 via the my stories section of

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