Technology: Benefit or Detriment?


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codadiva said…
Good points! I think we won't be able to get away from it, so to find healthy ways to monitor or control our "real-time" is something we need to teach our kids.

I need to learn some first, so I can teach my kids before they reach the tweens!

Hi Liysa,

Thanks for stopping by! Great point! Parents need to be armed with information about everything their kids are involved with online, so they can provide proper guidance and monitoring!

Wendy =)
Dr. Robyn said…
Hi Wendy!

This idea of balance with technology is such an important issue to discuss with our children and also for us to get a handle on ourselves! I especially feel concerned about those who submerge themselves in cyberspace instead of getting the most out of their relationships, activities, interests and goals in real life.

It's vital that we set limits and discuss our expectations and concerns with our children and teens so that a habit is set even when we aren't present. Help our children set goals in their area of passion and help them stay accountable to fulfilling those goals. Typically, those goals will fall outside of the home and far away from computers-- i.e. drama, sports, science, hiking, biking...the areas are endless.

Technology is a tool-- it is not the event. If we can help children understand that concept as well as it's power and the need for responsibility (and limits) when using it, I think we can see it as a major advantage.
Dr. Robyn,

Such a wise observation, "Technology is a tool-- it is not the event." A good reminder to adults, as well.

Thanks for your insights!

Wendy =)

Deborah McNelis said…

This post is an important and extremely valuable one! It is beneficial in that you point out both the benefits and the cautions associated with technology use.

The points you shared about the ways in which technology affects brains are critically important to understand. The research you have shared along with other studies are demonstrating how the brain and behavior is different as a result of great amounts of screen time.

The way you have used technology to share this information is wonderful and effective. You have created a clear example of how useful technology can be!

But... ABSOLUTELY... it good for brains to establish a balance. I am constantly advocating for children and teens to have as much interaction the real world as possible. This is the way to develop healthy brains best!

Thanks for contributing to greater understanding in such a cool way!!


I so appreciate your insights and all of the good work that you do to help parents build better baby brains at

It truly takes a village, and I am glad you are out there doing what you do!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the growing brain!

Wendy =)
What a creative presentation!
Yes, some kids now find it easier to click buttons than to handle emotional exchanges with real life people. And 9 out of 10 technology games share more of how to fight than how to get along, so it's no surprise our social problems today relate to personal interaction. These are truly important issues the market would do well to address. Thank you for putting it out there.
Deborah McNelis said…

You are so very welcome. I just shared the link to this post in a discussion taking place about the use of technology, in the Brain Insights group on Linkedin!

I can not agree with you more... when all of us that care so deeply for the healthy development of all children work together to share.... It does make a positive difference!


Thanks so much for popping over and sharing your thoughts!

You hit onto something that is HUGE, Astrid. That is, the amount of time spent with electronic devices takes time away from building true social skills. Kids who lose themselves in gaming and technology are losing their edge when it comes to interacting in "real time" with their peers.

Wendy =)
Ava said…
HI Wendy
First let me say what a great video, you did a great job:)!
This is a very interesting debate and as we all know that train left the station and tech is here to stay. So as with everything in life we need to learn and teach moderation. And kids need as much play creativity and personal interaction they can get to be healthy. And personally speaking when R was little I started hearing kids being called tech babies, I made a personal decision to focus more on real time things. So at 10 she is more interested in writing singing making movies playing imaginative games. She
doesnt really use the computer or phone yet except to write songs:)Lets see what happens as she matures:)

Thanks for your kind words!

Yes...moderation/balance...the key to happiness! Tech can be such a great tool and it can also be a big problem! All depends on the user!

R is amazing in every way!

Wendy =)
Terrance Gaines said…
I think parents do themselves a disservice when they use technology to "babysit" their kids are young.

When kids get used to using technology all the time, they grow up attached. Then it's that much harder to get them to disconnected when it matters.

"Train up a child in the way they should go..."
Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, Terrance. Moderation is key, as with all things! That is so true!

Wendy =)

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