Smarter Kids Move More

Movement = Mental Muscle

If you want to help your child improve her grades, you might want to put down those textbooks and get her moving.  Movement is not just an activity to help kids get their wiggles out, it is actually an integral part of learning.  Make your new motto be, "Movement = Mental Muscle!"

Moving Bodies Help Brains Focus

Recess, rough-housing and intentional physical activities, such as Flip2BFit, prime the brain for learning.  Research by Lyelle Palmer (2003) shows that following activity, there is an increase in attention and reading.  Terrence Dwyer, another researcher, has found that exercise improves classroom behavior and academic performance (Dwyer, Sallis, Blizzard, Lazarus, & Dean, 2001). Who wouldn't want that?

Taking Our Cues from Younger Children

Young children learn at an astronomical rate.  They also move their bodies far more than older children are allowed (in a typical school setting). All of the fabulous early childhood teachers with whom I have been acquainted, sprinkle in healthy doses of gross motor activities throughout the school day.  How smart is that?

Flip2BFit is a Game that's a Game-changer!

Keeping kids moving should be a goal for anyone who cares about education.  Flip2BFit is an award-winning way to help get kids' synapses firing again!  The game is a premiere way to get kids moving and to help shift their brain into high-gear for more learning.  The game helps kids stretch their bodies and their minds.

Do you make sure your kids move every day?  Do they get enough activity at school?

Keep moving!

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}!

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