Witches in Stitches: Halloween Humor

Looking to yuk it up with your kiddos this Halloween?  At Kidlutions we believe any time is a good time to laugh.  And kids are naturals when it comes to laughter.  If you need a recap on all of the benefits of laughter for your family, check out "Is Your Family Getting Enough Vitamin L?"

So, keep the giggles flowing with some of the great Halloween jokes you will find at the following locations:

Jokes and Lunchbox Notes

Activity Village has some great, kid-friendly jokes already printed up with cool graphics.  Just print and cut to add to lunchboxes, etc.

You'll also find these great jokes at Activity Village:

Halloween.com ad HolidaySpot.com also have a number of Halloween jokes that might strike your fancy.  Preview them first, before printing them off for your kids, as not all of these jokes will fit for some families (there were a few that I would choose not to use).

What's your favorite Halloween joke?

More Resources for Fall
that Teach Social Skills:

Find the Fall Bundle by clicking HERE!

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}...and a very safe and Happy Halloween!

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