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They're Just Words

Words are just words, and they stay in your child's heart forever.  Choose them wisely, they become part of your child's internal dialogue, laying the foundation of what he/she thinks about him/herself for all of his/her days to come.  Be kind. Be kind some more.  Parent and teach from a place of benevolence.  Look at his/her transgressions as errors in thinking and deficits in skills. 

It's Simple

Figure out what your child needs to be successful and find out how to help him/her fill the gaps.  It really is simple...and difficult all at the same time.  The biggest trick is managing your own emotions during times of difficulty and upset.  You can, without doubt, do this.  It is within reach of every single parent in the world. 

That's good news for all our kids. 

Don't you think so, too?

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naomi said…
Yes always be careful what you say to your child and how you say it as it can affect the way they are.
Indeed, Naomi! Thanks for dropping by!


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