Helping Teen Girls: My Thoughts on Life

Our First Teen Resource

It is with much excitement that we introduce the first resource of what will be our teen line!  Just as we told you in our last post, our teen line makes its debut with the Teen Girls' Guide to Life: My Thoughts on Life. This resource has already passed muster with girls in therapy, as well as the toughest teen critic I know: she lives under my roof!  I can always count on her to tell me straight up, if things are a go or not!  When she saw this resource for the first time...she smiled...and wanted to keep reading...every single page.

If you work with tweens or teens, take advantage of this resource now.  

A Sneak Peek Inside

Above is just an example of what you will find inside this workbook.  There are over 60 pages, total.  Find out more about this resource here.

Teens and Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be elusive in the tween and teen years. With so many changes taking place in relationships, friendships, pressures from school, home, work and MORE, it's no wonder that the tween/teen years are tumultuous. Helping young women gain insight into their own thoughts, values and beliefs, as well as to sort out things that are confusing goes a long way towards helping them learn to be true to themselves, respect their inner compass and feel empowered to stand up for what they believe in.

Created for Multiple Users

For the ultimate mileage on this resource, it is licensed for multi-user enjoyment. It is currently in use by therapists, school counselors, camp and scout leaders and MORE!  When you purchase our multi-user license, you get a BONUS MANUAL, featuring innovative ways to use this resource in a group setting...for hundreds of people, if necessary!  It also tells how to print this book once for use with multiple tweens/teens.  See below, what is included in the BONUS MANUAL:

The Teen Girls' Guide to Life is also suitable for individual use, if you would just like to purchase it to use at home with your own teen girl. Even for use with one teen, what you'd get out of this workbook saves you hundreds of dollars for what it would cost to engage in therapy. While this workbook is not a substitute for therapy, the activities inside will help all teen girls explore their values, hopes and dreams and think deeper about their place in this world.

Suitable for Tweens, Teens and beyond

This resource is suitable for tweens and teens, but one clinician emailed me this morning and said she is using it with girls as young as 8.  Issues which used to be common to the teen years are pressing further and further down into the younger years, a real example of age-compression.  'Tis true.  Sad, but true. In light of this fact, helping our girls develop a strong sense of self is more important now than ever.


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