Kidlutions Grows Up! Products that Help Teens!


We just announced to our newsletter subscribers (you can join, it's free) that BIG changes would be happenin' around here. Yep! It's true! We're growing up. With three teens under our roof, it's about time!

Changing Nature of Kids!

Sure, all businesses grow, but we are growing in a new direction. With three teens under one roof (and one about to be launched into the collegiate world), it's time that our information and product lines reflect the changing nature of kids. (Pssst...See the big guy in the middle? He's the reason that our anger management resource, Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops, exists! I created the prototype when he was a tot. Guess what? It worked. For him and for thousands of other kids. When intensity in early childhoood is channeled appropriately, incredible things can happen! It can work for your child, too!)

Growing Up!

Kids don't stay little long. They grow up. GULP. What used to be fitting and appropriate for them as youngsters no longer is. A whole new line of strategies and resources (take a peek at our newest product below) are necessary for the proper care and keeping of teens.

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You wouldn't dream of sending your middle or high schooler to school in the same shoes he wore in 5th grade. He outgrew those long ago. Kidlutions has long parented (and therapeutically treated ) tweens and teens. We know that many of you parent kids in the toddler to teen age-bracket and we want to share resources for kids as they grow, too. In fact, whenever I am giving a talk to parents about early childhood, there are always a few who speak up and say, "How about teens? How does this work for teens? I have a few of those under the roof, too." We hear you, and we've responded! (See a sneak peak at our newest product above!)

No worries, though. We'll still continue to bring you the latest and greatest where it comes to early childhood parenting and education. We won't be taking away from that. We're just stepping into the realm of helping parents and educators with older kids, too. Little kids don't keep. Blink and they are taller than you! Now, you can find resources to fit your child as he or she grows!


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