Let's Get Rowdy: Safe Roughhousing

Getting rowdy with your kids can be a really good thing.  We told you the 6 benefits of roughhousing for kids (and adults, too) in our last post.

While it's fun and exhilirating, things can get carried away.  Play it safe, by having a few rules that govern horseplay at your house.

Here are some ways to play it safe:

Be a softy.  Seek out soft areas for rough play.  Tumble around on the grass rather than concrete. I know it's a no-brainer, but you really do need to point these things out to kids. Put mats or pillows on the floor instead of jumping on the furniture.

Watch out for Fido and Fluffy. Even well trained dogs can get over-excited during play fighting. You may have to put your pet in a separate room while the family roughhouses. A cat that gets caught up in the mayhem probably won't take too well to the idea, either.  It's best to keep our furry friends in different room.

Protect your great-great-grandma's vase. Prevent accidents by putting heirlooms and fragile items out of reach. When you are all feeling rambunctious, get out of your living room and head to your local park or roller skating/ice rink. Go outside to the backyard and roughhouse.  Nature is good for everyone.

Use your noodle by the pool. Instruct your kids on enjoying the water responsibly. Let them know they always need an adult present. Explain why the diving board is only for one person at a time and dunking heads is a bad idea. Don't let the pool area be a roughhousing area.  The potential for serious injury abounds. Enough said.

Now go ahead, get rowdy and have fun! Unstructured playtime helps children develop social skills and ethical qualities that will enrich their adult lives. The time you spend together will also draw your family closer together.  It's a win-win proposition.


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