All Feelings are Okay #Printable Activity

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All Feelings are Okay

Have you heard the news?  All feelings are okay.  Mad, sad, scared, surprised, happy and the infinite other shades of feelings that we feel.  They're all good.  They remind us we are human and just like every other person on the planet.  And now, we have a printable that helps kids identify and talk about feelings.  You can grab it HERE. It's free!

Feeling our Feelings is Good for Us

Feeling our feelings is good for us and certainly trumps the alternative...pushing or stuffing our feelings down. Those tactics lead to a host of other problems. Plus, being able to identify and deal with our feelings is the cornerstone of good social-emotional development.

Get the Word Out

So, help get the word out to everyone you know!  Shout it from the highest mountaintop! Whether you are a parent, a teacher or counselor, you can help kids join the feeling parade and begin to embrace that which makes us human!  

Feelings Conversations

For young children, help them by identifying the feeling, "You look sad the art center is closed right now." "You are mad he knocked down your block tower." "It was scary for you when the thunder made a loud noise."  For older kids, acknowledge feelings and invite conversation.  "You look sad right now, do you want to talk about it?"  "I see the anger on your face, how can I help you?"  

Make a Feelings Bulletin Board in Your Classroom, Office or Home

Coming up next, we'll share an idea about making a feelings bulletin board in your classroom, office or home. It's a great way to drive home the concept of dealing with feelings in a healthy manner, and keeping it in the forefront of kids' minds!  Stay tuned!

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