Developing Kind Minds in Kids: 5 Tips

Kind Minds

Kind minds are a beautiful thing.  We all want our kids to have them.  Gracious, compassionate children who consider the feelings of others and strive for benevolence.  Think I'm dreaming?  Not really!

Here are five easy ways to develop kind minds in your kids:

1. Model It.  You knew it was coming, didn't you? You have to demonstrate kindness so your kids can pick up the same happy habit.  Your kids are always watching you, for better or for worse. Try to make it for the better.

2.  Point It Out. While watching a favorite television show or movie, reading a book, or observing siblings or friends, point out acts of kindness.  Be intentional about this.  Encourage kids to identify and share about kind acts they see completed, read about or watch on TV.

3. Praise It. When you see your child engaging in kind acts, give her a hug, high five or knuckles.  Acknowledge the kind deed.  Rather than saying, "You are kind.  I am so proud of you," try, "You are kind.  I bet that makes you feel good inside!"

4. Use Forethought.  Help kids use a little forethought when it comes to kindness.  Our FREE Kindness Coupons (instant download) are the perfect way to encourage this! (You can also get our BIG resource, "Kids for Kindness", to help grow kindness in your kids for 40% off! Scroll down to learn more.)

5. Watch It Grow.  Why not create a tangible way to demonstrate the many acts of kindness going on in your family.  Create a Kindness Chain. Our "linky love" is the perfect activity!

The best thing about kindness?  Kindness begets kindness.  Watch it grow!

How do you encourage kindness in your kids?

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Here's to kindness!


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