Campus Comfort: BR4SS Premium Men's Essentials

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It's What's Underneath It All That Matters

When it comes down to it, it really is what's underneath it all that matters. Shorts and socks can make you or break you, and that's even more true when you're sitting in a lecture hall most of your day. College students of today want to look good, but they want to feel good, too. That can sometimes be a challenge to meet, but BR4SS has developed the coolest line of fine foundation garments that meet at the intersection of fashion and function. That's why we're shining a spotlight on BR4SS for campus comfort. You're going to love their vibe!

BR4SS Brand Undershorts

As part of our "Kidlutions Goes to College" series, we asked a college co-ed to take these uber cool BR4SS products for a spin, to see how they performed in real life.

BR4SS Brand Socks

Our College Reviewer Said...

"BR4SS is the best. I don't have time to think too much about the shorts and socks I throw on to get to class, but these made me reconsider. Both the shorts and socks are soft and comfy. So comfy, you don't even notice them...and that's a good thing...especially after sitting in class all day. I wish I had a drawer full of these shorts and socks!"

No Bunching, Binding or Pinching

Because a college student might not think of the features and benefits that a mom might, we asked, "Was there any bunching, binding or pinching?" The response was a triple-play of "no's". Then a bit of elaboration, "These are totally comfortable. And they look good, too! You know the minute you put them on!"

#UnderneathItAll make it BR4SS

A Hit with the High School Crowd, Too!

Before we could pass these BR4SS goodies along to our college reviewer, my high school son came in with a friend. They saw the items sitting on the table in the box and thought they were "SICK" (translation: awesome). My son thought it was totally unfair that these were being passed on for a college review. He begged me to let him keep them!

Details, Details

Per the company, "Custom slim fit minimizes "riding up" and is more supportive than regular boxers, less restrictive than boxer briefs. Premium fabric blend." Try them for yourself!

Happy Back-to-School!

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