Time Management System for Teens

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There's no TIME like the present to help teens with "Time Management"! This product has been three years in the making because we wanted to make sure everything was just right...and that you'd get tons of value in this system that will help teens "get it together"!

Help Teens Focus, Complete Projects, Get Organized

If you are a parent who struggles with helping your child to improve their ability to focus, complete projects, get organized and do what's expected when it comes to school assignments, you already know how challenging it is to do this without reinforcement. You also know that your child doesn't always exactly listen to parental input. Far from it. it seems like your teen is on another wavelength completely. We know. We really do. That's why we developed the Time Management System for Teens.

For Coaches, Therapists and Teachers, Too!

If you are a coach, therapist or teacher, you know there are limited resources to teach kids the imperative organizational skills that will serve them across their lifespan. You know there is a dearth of products available that are so turnkey, you just have to press a button to help kids learn new skills. We've changed all that. We did it because we know. We know how hard it can be. That's exactly why we developed our newest product! We had a need for it ourselves! And it's available NOW at a substantial savings for everyone in our readership. It's how we always roll out new products. If you are not a subscriber to our newsletter, JOIN HERE...it's FREE! Then, you'll always be apprised when new products are available at substantial savings! (Plus you'll get our Anger Toolbox for Kids, too! It's all FREE! The price is so right!)

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Our huge package of a product is available at a special price for parents, teachers, coaches and clinicians at a price that will make you smile. Folks on our mailing list are always the first to know! JOIN HERE for FREE, so you never lose out on one of our specials!


Oh yes, there's more! In addition to all of the above, 
you will receive our review sheets, that check for understanding. 
These will be perfect to use if you are presenting this to a life skills 
or health class, or using it in group.The questions will relate 
directly back to the material presented, so this content can be used to 
augment your class or group curriculum.

We think you're going to LOVE it!

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You'll use this product in your classroom and in your office with teens over and over again.
If you are buying for use at home with one teen, you'll save hundreds and hundreds of dollars
by avoiding therapy office-visits and co-pays to teach your tween or teen these critical skills.

This is the very system we use in our office!


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