The Santa Rules for Social Skills

Before the BIG guy got too busy with the season...I had a chance to sit down with him and gather up his tips on social skills. They are simple. They aren't all gussied up with technical jargon. Just pared down, doable ideas that are within the reach of all of us! And when we can do it, we can teach it to our kids!

Santa's Rules for Social Skills


 1. Be Kind. Just do it! Smile, say a friendly thing or two, make other people feel good when they are in your presence. If someone needs help, help them. Being kind builds relationships. If you ask some, they'll tell you kindness makes the world go 'round. 

2. Keep Calm. Self-regulation is a key factor in social skills...being able to talk things through in our heads when we are disappointed, sad or angry, makes all the difference in how we feel and how we respond.

3. Breathe. When we get stressed out, our breathing becomes more shallow, which just serves to add to our stress. Breathe in through you nose and out through your mouth. Slowly. READ MORE...

4. Share. It's in giving that we receive. Nobody knows this more than the BIG guy. Now you know why he's jolly all the time. Try it. See for yourself.

5. Laugh. Laughing is plain good for us. Find a way to laugh every day. It exercises our insides and outsides, changes our brain chemistry and just plain makes us feel good. Who wouldn't want that? See more on grins and giggles HERE.

6. Spread Joy. Know that you know how good it feels to laugh and be happy, pass it on! A burden shared is halved, a happiness shared is doubled. Always double your happiness! Create a joyful home year round with Bloom Parenting.

Which of those come easy to you? Which do you need to work on? We can only help our kids master skills if we can do it ourselves! For more support in dealing with feelings in a seasonal manner, check this out:

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Happy Holidays!


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