Why Singing is Good for Your Child's Brain

Why Sing to and with Your Kids?

Singing is good for your child's brain.  It's good for yours, too!  It is considered important to the acquisition of language and reading, but its benefits go way beyond that.

According to scholastic.com: 
"Children do not have to be able to read in order to learn a song. And because songs are filled with rhymes, alliteration, and different sound patterns, they actually celebrate the sounds of language. Singing favorite songs over and over again helps children become consciously aware of sounds and the way we can manipulate them — break them apart, blend them together, highlight certain ones and minimize others." Read the full article HERE.

Happy Hearts 

Music therapists know that one of the secrets to changing what's happening in someone's brain (and that includes the limibic system, where our emotions are known to congregate), is by using music. A happy brain makes for a happy heart...and it starts with our brain. Our thoughts and how we interpret things leads ultimately to how we feel.

A Bigger Impact than Meets the Eye

It goes a bit deeper than that, though! Music can help more than our moods shift. It can help with attention and learning. I know a preschool teacher who sings almost EVERYTHING to her class...she sings directions to them, sings to them while they're walking down the hallway, while they are in transition in class...it's quite magical, isn't it, JoAnn?

Music Soothes the Savage Beast

You've heard the saying, and I believe it's true. There's research to back it up. Music can sooth anger, calm nerves and ward off anxiety. It can act as a balm for stress, and it just makes life more pleasant. For more details on music's magical hold on us, read HERE.

If you want to see scholarly articles on music's impact on us, saunter over HERE.

Looking for music CDs to sing along to? Start HERE for inspiration.

Sing with Your Kiddos

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