How to Help When Kids Grieve: MP3 and more

Grieving kids need your help. Chances are, however, you haven't much experience in doing this. How to help grieving kids isn't given much thought, until one finds themselves staring it straight in the eye and knowing they have to do something to support the kids in its wake.

A while back, I was interviewed by Dr. Stacy Haynes on her Parenting Tips 2 Go radio show (the MP3 sounds a bit warped in the beginning, that's just the bumper, but it evens out in seconds) about Children and Grief. It was an honor. How to help grieving children is one of the biggest requests I get, and one of the things I've most often discussed on radio shows, as well. It's an important topic, to be sure. (I come in at the 27:51 mark, but I encourage you to listen to the whole show. Dr. Stacy is amazing.)

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Making Grief Bearable

We have a collection of  grief resources, which remain among our most popular items, likely because of the tricky nature of helping grieving kids and the dearth of resources that are available to do that. We can easily find books and information on biting, sassing, potty training and the like, but not so much on grief or bereavement. We have aimed to change all that for decades.

If you are a parent in need of grief resources, or a clinician who may use them regularly, you can find our complete collection by following the link below.

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Children's Grief Awareness Day
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This resource was our first release ever. It has helped thousands of children across the world. Inside, all pages are black and white with prompts on the top of the page to encourage writing, journaling, doodling or drawing. They are left unadorned and void of decoration so that children have the ability to respond in an open-ended manner. 

Most pages have a simple sentence stem at the top. You can read all about it HERE.

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Also shared on the radio show was a resource by Trevor Romain.
I highly recommend any resource by Trevor, and use his materials
in my own practice. I have for YEARS, long before I appeared on
same radio show with him. 

Click image for affilate link.

Click image for affilate link


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