Egg Feelings Hunt

Digital download of egg feelings faces is only $1.00
Plastic eggs not included. Print, color and cut!

Egg Feelings Hunt

Whether you are hosting an Easter Egg hunt for 1 or 100, you might be thinking about putting something other than candy into your eggs. Bravo, we say! Keeping those eggs sugar-free does more than keeping waistlines in check! With the childhood obesity epidemic at an all-time high, that alone makes it a smart idea. But it goes deeper than that!

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Social Skills Rule Supreme

Helping kids deal with feelings is an important life skill and we are wise to take every opportunity we have to encourage and shape these skills in kids. You can simply draw your own feelings faces and add them to plastic eggs, or get our pre-made, ready-to-use printable eggs that can be printed, colored and then tucked inside plastic eggs for hiding. They're just one dollar! You'll find four basic feelings of happy, sad, mad and surprised/scared. They come in light grayscale, making them perfect for coloring and adding your own touches.

Suggestions for Use

When children find and open their eggs, have them tell about what might make a person feel the feeling depicted inside their egg. Next, ask kids for ideas about how to deal with said feeling. You might also wish to ask how they can tell if someone else is feeling that feeling. All of the above are crucial elements of social skill building.

You'll use these printable eggs year after year!

Want More?

Want the BIG set of 10 feelings games, plus larger eggs and printables to use in an extended way? You can find all of that by clicking the images below.

Special pricing is just $5.00 
now through Easter Sunday. 

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