How to Read a Kindle Book without a Kindle Device

I've been getting some questions lately through facebook, email, twitter and pinterest, asking me if my new book
for parenting and teaching, Bloom, co-authored with Dr. Lynne Kenney would be available in other formats.  
These folks didn't own a Kindle, thus would be unable to read the book. 
(Truth is, I don't own one either, but here's how you read a Kindle without a Kindle!)

Kindle-Free Kindle Reading

Okay, so you don't have the most updated, new-fangled electronic devices, such as the Kindle Fire, or any other incarnation of the Kindle.  Neither do I.  Don't let it stop you from reading some of the latest, greatest books, though!  I sure don't.

How to Read a Kindle without a Kindle Device

The folks at Amazon have been more than generous in making sure that even the non-techy types have the ability to access all of the goodness that exists on their Kindle site.  It doesn't even require owning a Kindle.  The only thing you need is a computer or a smart phone, and if you are reading this, you already have one of those! 

Here's All You Need to Know

You can read Kindle books without a Kindle (Android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC or tablet, Blackberry or Windows phone) when you use the Kindle app from Amazon. That means with Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. Don't forget, it's FREE!  The price is always right!

Have Fun

Once you get the Kindle app download, you are ready to start downloading free (there are tons of free books, including children's) books on Kindle, as well as purchasing books that strike your fancy!  If you haven't noticed, you can usually get Kindle editions of books for MUCH cheaper than the printed you can carry 20 or 30 books around without breaking your siree...just the weight of your iPad, phone or laptop!

Happy Reading!


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