Chill Your Anger for Kids

Helping Kids with Anger

Helping kids manage big angry feelings is something we've been doing for more than two decades at Kidlutions.  If you know the value of helping kids deal with BIG feelings, we think you're going to love this cute little project to do with youngsters.  It's fun, quick easy and it can really make a difference to help kids think intentionally about some ways to manage their anger. 

How We Did It

You'll Need:

Glue Stick |  Tape | Stapler (any of these will work)

1. We cut a circle out of brown construction paper and cut a slit to the halfway mark (center) of the circle.  We drew criss-cross lines on the construction paper to mimic a waffle cone.

2. We shaped the circle until it formed a cone and stapled it in a few places to hold it. You can also use tape or a glue stick.

3. We crunched up pink construction paper and used tape to hold it. This formed the "scoop" of ice-cream.  

4.  We cut out strips of construction paper, on which the child wrote ideas for coping with anger.

This child chose:

Scream in a pillow.

Go outside.

Talk about it.

5.  The sentence strips (anger coping tools) were then put inside the cone and the "scoop" of ice cream was added to the top. It can be stapled or glued on one side, to hold it together if desired.

Viola! There you have it.  A Chill-Out Ice Cream Cone for Anger! Easy peasy, just the way we like it!

And yes, that's Lori Lite's Stress Free Kids book you see 
on the cabinet in my office. LOVE IT! I'm honored to have 
written the chapter in her book about grief and loss.

Other Resources That Can Help

Bloom was written to help increase family harmony, peace and happiness. It provides you with new ways to look at common childhood behaviors and gives you the things to say, think and do..which changes EVERYTHING! Start reading it today and begin your journey to a calmer, happier family!

These techniques are so powerful, they not only work in homes, they also can help in classrooms, offices and relationships. Once you start applying the bloom approach with your kids, you won't be able to help but apply them with everyone you know. When we are aware of how to get to the heart of  the matter and respond accordingly, better outcomes ensue! Bloom with us today!


To expand upon the notion of "chilling out", get our exclusive resource, Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops, with more ideas that really help kids chill their anger!  Based on the skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this activity-packed book will become a quick favorite of yours! Read all about it HERE.

More Support for Angry Children


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