6 Ways to Deal with Tough Times and Help Your Kids Do the Same

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Every Day is the Best Day in the Year 

We all know that life isn't perfect.  There are bumps in the road on the journey of life which are unavoidable. Yet, we can do much to inoculate ourselves against difficult situations and improve our chances of moving through them with much less wear and tear.  How do we best buffer those bumps? A great attitude!  

Great Attitudes Matter

A great attitude makes all the difference in the world when it comes to fortifying ourselves to face adversity and have hope when things seem a bit on the dismal side.  This doesn't mean people with great attitudes don't feel sadness, frustration, anger or disappointment.  Far from it.  They feel a full range of feelings. They just move through them, refuse to perseverate on them and figure out a way find a positive in a negative situation.  This is something that can be cultivated in ourselves and in our children.  Every optimist knows that how one looks at a situation is a choice. Simple tweaks in perspective can mean the difference between having a great day and feelings "done in".  Which would you prefer?  Which would you prefer for your kids?

Handling Difficult Times

People who move through difficult times faster tend to:

1.  Keep things in perspective.  "This is NOT the end of the world."

2.  Manage their emotional reaction.  "I'm staying calm.  I'll handle this and be through with it."  Our self-take reigns supreme when it comes to how well we manage situations, how much they impact us and how quickly we recover from setbacks.

2.  Acknowledge and accept feelings.  "This is frustrating. I don't like it, but I cannot change what happened."

3.  Move on from feelings.   "This is not going to do me in.  I'm not letting this ruin my whole day."

4.  Problem solve.  People who handle difficult times well can generate strategies that help them solve their current dilemma, or at the very least, to determine that they have no control the situation.  

5.  Element of choice. "I can choose to stew over this all day, or I can let it go.  I choose to be in the best mood I can. I'm going to let this go."

6.  Find the positive.  "People who move forward from disappointment quicker tend to dig deep to find shreds of positivity, even in tough situations.  Anyone can do this and teach their children to do the same!  

Amazing things happen when we shift our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.  The power resides within each and every one of us.  

Will you choose happiness today?

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naomi said…
A great reminder and there are so many children who do not think like this. One of the things I suggest is to keep a diary/journal so they start to recognise the positive and keep things in perspective.

What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing it! Love it!

I'm also in love with Stripes the Bunny from your site! I have just tweeted it! "It's official. I am in LOVE with 'Stripes the Bunny'. I even added his picture! Swooning!


Wendy =)

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