Kidlutions Year in Review:2013 and a Sneak Peek into 2014

It's been a banner year at Kidlutions! It makes me giddy with excitement taking a mental walk through the past year.  So many exciting things transpired! Below are just a few of the family highlight pics of the year! With three athletes in the house, I spent my fair share sitting in the bleachers! I loved it all! Our eldest graduated and we did the big college drop-off, Mr. Kidltuions turned 50 and our family shared lots of laughs. We love to laugh.  Do you?  At Kidlutions, we put family at the heart of the company! There is just nothing more important than faith and family.  They are the two things you can count on!

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Thank You

Thank YOU for sharing in all of it with us! We are so grateful to you for your trust in our approach to raising well-adjusted kids who are becoming the best versions of themselves.  

A Completed Book
One huge accomplishment this past year was completing the book, Bloom: Helping Children Blossom, which I co-authored with Dr. Lynne Kenney, a brilliant clinician who is about as down to earth as they come!  (Click through to find the FREE 7-page printable from Bloom!) It took us over two years to put a combined 50 years of clinical knowledge and parenting know-how into this book. This is a book that changes EVERYTHING.  Not only will it change the relationship you have with your child and bring your child towards improved behavior in the quickest and most lasting way I know, it will change the very way you relate to your partner, your co-workers, employees and people in general.  In summation, Bloom is a powerful guide for more harmonious human relationships, and helps you bring out the best in everyone.  And when we are in harmony, anything is possible! 

Resources that Make a Global Impact 

Once Bloom was completed, the floodgates opened and I set to work on creating multiple workbooks I had put on hold while Dr. Kenney and I were in the thick of writing our book.  Ideas that were held in my mind's eye for a couple of years could now come to fruition. It makes me both proud and humbled when I think about my products and resources being used in every corner of the world.  In addition to my homeland, our resources are being used with kids in Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada and MORE! Here's what we created this year:

9. Helping Kids Deal with Sad Feelings (the article that gives 5 tips)

More than a Million

Holy wazoo! Our little company, situated literally in the middle of nowhere, amassed more than a million followers on Pinterest alone.  When we tallied up our total readership, it reaches well over 2 million! Grateful for each one of you, it's what we are! Grateful and amazed.  With the power of the internet, anything truly is possible! Even for a small-town gal who lives where people can actually report moose sightings! No lie! Join us in all the fun! You can find us on twitter and facebook, too!

One of the Top Pins for Education in 2013

Kidlutions is the proud creator of  Worry Warriors, one of the TOP pins for Education in 2013 by Pinterest.  If you haven't seen this post, yet, hop on over and check out all of the goodness that helps parents, educators and therapists/counselors help kids manage feelings of anxiety! In it, we link to tons of great ideas to help soothe frazzled feelings.

Go HERE to view the original post.

Leaps and Bounds

We've been so happy that so many of you have become part of the Kidlution Revolution by subscribing to our FREE newsletter!  Our readership has grown by leaps and bounds! Those of you that subscribe already know you are the first to get the latest information and to learn about our new releases, as well as get the BEST deals out there!  PLUS, you get more than 12 printables that build social emotional skills! Join us here:

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In the Coming Year

Phew! All that, in addition to my clinical practice and consulting. Wowee! 

I'm going to be extra sure to to do some good things for me in the coming year.  Take a peek at just one of the things I'll be doing in the next year.  Part of it includes being "In the Pink".

Go HERE to find out more!

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful ride! And thanks, even more, for everything you do on the behalf of children everywhere!


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