Self-Esteem: You Can't Give it to Your Kids

As parents, we all want to raise balanced children who have confidence and self-esteem, yet it's a trait we cannot give them. No matter how much we want to. Here's what we can do...

We can model what people with good self-esteem do: 

~ Bounce back from disappointment

~ Set good boundaries with others

~ Think positive

~ Never give up, embrace resiliency 

~ Expect respect from others and respond in kind

~ Accept mistakes as part of the learning process

~ Maintain a sense of hope

We know this topic resonates with so many parents and educators because this post went viral...soaring to the top of our charts for views. It continues to get heavy traffic. If you haven't seen it before, you can check it out HERE.

MORE on Self-Esteem

Our Resources for Self-Esteem

Both of the Resources Below are HALF-OFF now! Excellent for use by parents, teachers, clinicians or youth leaders!

What's your favorite way to help kids build their self-esteem?


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