Halloween: Feelings Don't Have to Be Scary

Feelings Don't Have to Be Scary

Feelings can be challenging, but when we teach kids skills to deal with them, life gets immeasurably easier. Allowing feelings to be experienced, processed and then, let go...builds healthy, happy people. Stifling, shushing, or silencing feelings leads to all kinds of potential problems such as stress, explosiveness, depression, anxiety and a host of other issues.

Halloween-Themed Resources

We have a ton of free and paid resources for Halloween. Listed below are all of our products, posts and activities. All Halloween-themed resources are HALF OFF now through Halloween! Grab 'em while you can! And if you're short on cash, but big on creativity, keep scrolling, because there are several articles with free ideas, including a darling "Pumpkin Face Game"! Over half of the resources below are FREE!

Here are some Halloween-themed posts and resources, referenced in the video above, for helping kids cope with feelings and more {some are just for fun}:

Have a Happy Halloween!


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