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My Child Won't Talk to Me: The Family Feelings Journal

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My Child Won't Talk to Me

In speaking with thousands of families through the years, I’ve learned that one of the challenges parents have is getting their child to talk about how they are feeling. Indeed, it is what lands families in my office on many occasions. I hear, 

“My child won’t share what he is feeling. He just won't talk to me. I’m often left guessing about what’s going on.”

We know parenting is a huge job.  We are busy keeping track of every aspect of our children's lives: health and dental appointments, vision check-ups, homework planners, sports schedules and more. We get so caught up in the daily grind, sometimes we miss out on one crucial aspect that contributes to our child’s well-being and success: Managing Feelings.

Kids need to be able to identify feelings in themselves and others, they need to know how to process and manage those feelings and they also need to know how to deal with conflict in relationships.  When they know what triggers certain feelings, they learn powerful concepts that will strengthen their mental health, relationships, and confidence across the lifespan. It’s a fundamental aspect that contributes to success in all areas of our children’s lives. This is so important, in fact, there are entire agencies whose sole purpose is to research and identify how we can better promote social-emotional growth in our children and in ourselves.

If you struggle with getting your kids to open up, 
consider starting...

A Family Feelings Journal

It’s true…sometimes kids are hesitant to share how they are feeling, or what thoughts are bubbling below the surface. One of the best antidotes I have for this is to start a Family Feelings Journal.
I have suggested this to many families through the years, and still do so. I feel so strongly about it, I urge parents to do this when they are going through a divorce. I give specific instructions for divorce situations in Playful Ways to Help Kids Cope with Divorce.

Here’s a simplified way to start your Family Feelings Journal:

1.      Obtain a journal. Grab a blank journal to use. A spiral notebook is totally fine. Invite your kids to decorate the outside of the journal, if they’d like.

2.      Put it in a prominent place. You’ll want to put the journal where everyone has easy access to it. You may wish to leave it on your kitchen counter or a desk that everyone uses.

3.      Keep a supply of writing tools at the ready. You’ll want to have a variety of writing implements at the ready. I suggest pens and pencils, but that you also have colored pencils, markers and crayons. I have found that teens and even parents will use all of the above, so don’t think crayons and markers are just for the “littles”. Sometimes, a big scrawl of red across a page says A LOT! (Reference our graphic for this post!)

4. Pick a Consistent Time to Review It. Now that your kids have a place to share the feelings that are difficult to verbalize, be sure to review it all with them at a consistent time (maybe after dinner? Pick a time that works for your family). 

5. Help Kids Cope. Offer empathy, support and guidance. Here's where things really start to make a difference. Now that your child has shared the feeling, be sure to offer empathy, support and guidance. It's great to ask your child how he thinks he could manage a BIG feeling, so he can learn to problem-solve on his own. When feelings are overwhelming and a child is feeling stuck, he really counts on your to be the calm, steady voice of reason. Ask your child if you can offer suggestions, then ask which one he think might work best for him.

Sometimes, your child may not wish to talk about what he has shared at all, and that is A-ok! In those instances, just say, 

"Thanks for sharing! Those are some hard feelings to have. Let me know if you ever want to talk about it." 

Be consistent in encouraging your child to write in the Family Feelings Journal and be sure to do so yourself. The more we practice something, the better we get at it. Dealing with feelings is no different!

More Support - extra resources for "those moments"!

1. I have trouble managing my own emotions when my child is out of control.

If you struggle with staying calm and offering empathic, thoughtful responses to a highly emotional child, you are not alone. BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids (instant download version) can really help! It's used by thousands of parents and educators to help change behavior more quickly and effectively than other approaches offer. 

2. I want to help my child deal with anger better, but I don't know what to do or say that can help!

We hear you! If you haven't yet, why not sign up for our Anger Toolbox for Kids? It's FREE and you'll get a 45 minute MP3 download, along with some printables! Find it all HERE!

3. I need tips, ideas and printables I can start using right now to help my child, classroom or clients!

Done! We provided thousands of parents, teachers and clinicians worldwide with exactly the right resource at exactly the right time with our printable support materials. You can find them all HERE, or look below if you need something specific. 

{If you've never used our resources before, here's how they work: You purchase the item you'd like and it is delivered immediately as an instant download. You are free to print as many copies as you personally need to use with your own children, classroom or practice. Each item is licensed to one individual. If you need to use in a group practice, or wish to use with a group of teachers, please contact us for more information. We appreciate your integrity.}

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How do you get your kids to open up?

Tell us in the comments below, 
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Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, is  the founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids. She is the creator of numerous workbooks and resources to help from the preschool through the teen years. Follow her on PinterestInstagramTwitter and Facebook! She'd love to see your smiling face there!

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Back-to-School Anxiety Relief

Back-to-School Anxiety Relief

Back-to-school anxiety can do a number on kids and sometimes it goes beyond the jitters. Anxiety can almost seem paralyzing to some kids. I know it's a fact, based on the numbers of kids I see in my office as the first school bell of the season heralds in a new year of what can be academic and social challenges for some.

We're digging into our archives to share some of our favorite resources to help you help your kids!

10 Tips to Parent Your Anxious Child

First up, a list of 10 tips to help you help your kids. The responses that are most helpful are not always the most natural, nor are they the common responses of most parents and teachers. Our printable can be hung on a fridge or kept close by for reference! 

Next, we're highlighting one of our perennial favorites for readers far and wide. Check out all of these tips and ideas (over 50) to help kids deal with anxiety.

Worry Warriors

We've gathered more than 50 of our favorite ways to manage anxiety and worries for kids and put them all in one place. If you have a child who experiences anxiety, please know he or she is not alone. Our Worry Warriors post is one of our most viewed articles. It features free activities you can create at home, as well as our favorite products you can use at home or in the classroom. 

Finally, sometimes feelings are just overwhelming. You'll find a few extra resources listed in our next post, featured below:

Find it HERE!

Well, that's a start. Poke around on our site, we've tons of posts that cater to helping kids and teens cope with BIG feelings!

How has back-to-school been going for your kids?

Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, is  the founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids. She is the creator of numerous workbooks and resources to help from the preschool through the teen years. Follow her on PinterestInstagramTwitter and Facebook! She'd love to see your smiling face there!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Are You are Self-care Slacker?

Click image to go to our affiliate link to one of my fave self-care options!

Are You a Self-care Slacker?

It's been a long, long summer. It's been fun, but it's been long.  For most moms, it's been filled with sibling squabbles, days at the beach, late nights, family vacation, and more. While you probably loved every minute of it, you likely didn't get to spend much time on self-care, that ever-elusive but always important commodity.

With school back in session, chances are you're busy packing lunches, helping with homework and getting everyone ready to get out the door in time. You may feel like you've already put in an 8-hour day before your key is in the ignition for the morning drop-off.

Already feeling sluggish and worn down?

Have you been a self-care slacker?

Feeling Frazzled, Anxious or Out-of-Sorts?

Feeling frazzled, anxious or out-of-sorts? You are not alone. Truly. I hear from hundreds of stressed out moms online, see them in my office and get emails in my inbox telling the tales of mamas who are overtaxed, overburdened and overwhelmed. In short, they are in need of some serious self-care. Problem is, it's hard to find the time and space to make it happen.


It's time to SLOW DOWN and take a breath.

A great big one.

Tune out some of the extraneous noise and tune in to what you need right now. Take care of yourself. It will make you much better at taking care of those around you. That's a good thing...but do it for yourself. Because you deserve it...just for you.

We all have our favorite ways to relax, and get back to our best versions of ourselves.

Tune-up for Your Entire Mind, Body and Spirit

In addition to spending time with family, laughing, finding JOY and practicing mindfulness, I have come to love participating in spring {and now fall} cleanses. I've been doing this seasonally {read about a past cleanse here} for about three years now...and the results are amazing. I like to think of it like a tune-up for your entire mind, body and spirit. If you want to feel refreshed, at ease, calm and relaxed, with a renewed sense of energy while eating healthy, whole foods (you won't eat anything you can't buy at your local grocery store)...and your whole family can eat the chef-inspired meals you'll be preparing to improve your health and boost your mood. (True story: my kids LOVED the recipes on the cleanse!) You're going to feel like you're eating in an upscale restaurant...only it's prepared in your own kitchen with ingredients you can pronounce!

I'll be in on this upcoming Nourish to Flourish Fall Cleanse...and I invite you to join me.

You can learn all about it HERE!

Hope to see you on the inside!

Would a little self-care look good on you? I can't think of one mama I know who wouldn't benefit!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in the above post. 
All thoughts stem my true experience with this cleanse and are 100% my own.

Thriving After Sexual Abuse

Through the years, I have worked with many sexual abuse survivors. My hope is that they not only survive, but thrive...that they become stronger at the broken places. I teach them things about managing triggers and trauma reactions and bear witness to their story and they teach me things about the power of the human spirit, about triumph and victory. Not long ago, I became acquainted with one of our readers, Carissa Magras, who happens to be a childhood sexual abuse survivor. I invited Carissa to write a letter to herself as a 15-year-old, of what she wished she could have known at that age (since many of the survivors I work with are in that age range.) She rose to the challenge. Here is what came from her heart:

I see you there, lying on your bed listening to music; talking on the phone with your friends; hanging out at the movies. I know how on the outside you look like a typical teenager, but on the inside you feel ragged, broken, and bruised. I see the smile on your face, but I know the deep pain that hides behind it. I want you to know a few things that no one told us at that age, during that time. I know these things I have to say might feel so far out of reach, or incomprehensible at this moment that you are in; but trust that they are true. I have been where you are. I am you. And this is what I wish we would have known back then.

Hindsight is 20/20. As an adult now, I see our childhood in a different way than when I was immersed in it. As a child and teenager, it was impossible for me to see the truth because I was to close to it all; like trying to read a piece of paper smashed up against my face. I couldn’t see clearly or know how to accurately make sense of situations. It was our parent’s job to see that truth for us. And our teachers. And therapists. And all the other adults who are supposed to be safe, and care for us as kids growing into adults. But some of those people failed us. Some of those adults weren’t grown up enough to see the truth for us, and therefore take action to protect us. Because of this we felt the blame, shame, and guilt. It messed with our head when dad violated us at just five years old, in a way that is meant for a husband and wife. There was something wrong with that 19 year old guy who took our virginity when we were 15, even with our “consent”. But it was not our fault. No matter the age, no matter the act. You were too close to be able to see it for what it was. It wasn’t your responsibility to protect yourself. It was the responsibility of the adults in your life. And I’m sorry that they failed us. Some did it intentionally, but most were clueless. I have found since then that many adults are really just kids still trying to figure out how to grow up. If it makes things any better, many of those adults have realized their mistakes, sincerely apologized and changed their ways. No one is perfect. We all live, learn, and grow. But no matter what, don’t blame yourself, regardless of the circumstances, for the choices someone else made.

Our dad… our first real boyfriend… and everyone else who chose to use us instead of love us… they were really good at manipulating and making us feel like something was wrong with us. The only thing that was wrong, were the choices they made. What you feel is not who you are. You are not broken or stained. What happened might dictate your emotions, but it does not define who you are as a person. I know you better than anyone. And I have never met someone with as much strength, endurance, courage, and compassion. There was something wrong with what they did, but there was nothing wrong with you. And what you might be feeling or going through right now as a result, is normal given what you have been through.

It is hard to find your self-worth when people who you love and trust, disfigure that self-worth at such a young age. I know you feel like nothing right now. I know you are so insecure even though you come across so confident. I know your fears, and the doubt you feel every day. I know how you don’t think you are worthy of anything good. But do not let the actions or opinions of other people define who you are and dictate your worthiness in this world. In the brokenness, you are beautiful. In the pain, you are strong. You are worthy of someone loving you with a love that is safe, good, and true. Right now it might be hard to find those people, but they are out there. They are waiting to meet you; waiting for their life to be made better by your existence, and waiting for them to make your life better by their presence. There are all kinds of people in this world. You don’t have to let all of them into your corner. You get to decide who stays. Choose the people who see you for what you truly are: beautiful, strong, tenacious, and wonderful; worthy of being loved and respected.


I wish I could tell you that life as an adult is easy and great. It isn’t. I will say that it is 100% better than high school, and even college. But no matter your age, life will still stink sometimes. It will still throw curveballs when the time is inconvenient. There will still be people who hurt you and choose wrong over right. The biggest difference between life as a teenager and as an adult is that you get to choose what you do with those curveballs and relationships. You don’t have to keep every relationship “just because”. You get to choose the ones that are safe and healthy for you. You get to decide what situations you are in or avoid. You get to dictate the path of your healing journey. We may not be able to change the first few chapters of our life, but we can take back the pen and write the rest of our story.

I know you feel broken and messed up. I know how dark and deep the abyss is in your soul. I know that the depression is overwhelming, and makes you feel so weak and small. But I promise you that you are stronger than you know. It is okay to have bad days. As I write this, I am 31, and I still have days when I just want to stay in bed, sob my eyes out, and eat a pint of ice cream. I used to feel guilty when that happened, like all hope was lost and I would never become the person I desire. But one day you are going to look around, and realize that you have more good days now than bad. And that those bad days used to be so much worse. You no longer feel guilty for having scars. You realize those scars are beauty marks that have made you who you are. You refused to quit making progress, and from the ashes you have risen. On the days when you thought you couldn’t take one more step, you had people - safe, loving, trustworthy people - who came alongside you, held you, helped you up, and walked with you. You will get through this. It feels so hopeless and overwhelming right now, but the sun will break the darkness, and the warmth of its light will fill your soul and heal your heart. Just hang in there. Your day and life as you want it, is coming.

Carissa Magras, founder of

Carissa Magras is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and the founder of Blue Spoons, a company that exists to give 100% of its profits to fund counseling services and treatment programs for the 1 in 4 females and 1 in 6 males impacted by sexual inappropriateness everywhere. Carissa resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, kids, and Maltipoo. To learn more, visit or follow @blue_spoons on social media. #BlueSpoonie

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Kidlutions Affiliate Program

We Can't Wait to Have You Join Us!

You're Invited!

We are pleased to invite you to Kidlutions' Affiliate Program. If you've known us for a while, chances are you've retweeted us, pinned our content, posted it on facebook, instagram and other social media outlets...and for that we are grateful! 

Now, we've found a way to repay you 
for all you've done for us...

The Kidlutions' Affiliate Program

Most of us are on social media throughout the day, chronicling our daily lives, updating friends and relatives on our kids happenings, curating content of the things we love and sharing information with others about products and services we adore and find helpful. Now, we want to pay you for spreading the word about Kidlutions! It will be our joy to cut checks for you at the end of each month for any sales that are made as a result of your sharing. Be sure to read all of our Terms of Service, which are all outlined at sign-up.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is simply a person who is affiliated with a particular business (in this case, Kidlutions) that allows them to share resources and products of said company and be rewarded for the same. Each affiliate gets their own unique affiliate id link, which is then tracks sales made from those links. All affiliate links and sales are tracked by a third party program, Affiliatly {affiliate link}, which means there is no second-guessing sales from your links. That makes easy work for you and me! Plus, you'll have your own affiliate dashboard that you can check on anytime you'd like, to see how things are going and keep track of your own sales. Share a little, share a lot. It's really up to you!  

How Much Does It Cost?

It is absolutely FREE to join our affiliate program. You'll sign-up, see our terms of service and wait to receive your approval back from us to join our affiliate program. Then, simply start sharing your links (and images we provide, if you'd like) to your social media outlets, blog, with friends, whomever. Share wherever and whenever you go online. There are more details about it all, once you get inside. You'll find a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  and a Terms of Service (TOS) page on the inside, too. You can also scroll down to see our FAQs. You can remain a member of our affiliate program as long as you'd like, or discontinue your membership at any time. 

There are no quotas to meet and you can be as active as you'd like promoting your links. We are a family-friendly company and we ask that our members demonstrate professionalism, respect for others and common decency online. 

YES! Sign me up!
Just click on the link above or the button below!

Sign up HERE!

The Following is From our FAQ Page:

What percentage of will I earn on sales from my referrals?

Our affilates earn 25% of all sales generated from their affiliate link, minus any returns.

What is your payment threshold?

Kidlutions pays its affilates when the $50.00 threshold is reached.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made through PayPal. 

What exactly do I get paid for as Kidlutions Affiliate?

As a Kidlutions' Affiliate, you are paid 25% for sales that are made when someone purchases through your unique affiliate link. Kidlutions does NOT pay any other commission, nor do they pay affiliates for social media promotion. When the social media promotion results in a sale, the commission is then earned.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

Accounts are free to set up. See more at We have successfully used PayPal for our business for close to a decade. We have had no complaints about their service.

How do you track sales coming from my site?

Once your application is accepted, you will be given a unique affiliate ID as well as custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic coming from your site is properly tracked. We maintain a 14-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 14 days.  

How often am I paid?

Once your earnings reach the $50.00 threshold, payments are made at the end of each month, for the month prior. For example, if your earnings reach the $50,00 threshold in the month of June, you will receive your payment at the close of the month in July.

What if I want to leave this affiliate program?

You may leave the Kidlutions' Affiliate program at any time you desire. There are no contracts to keep you longer than you wish to stay. Kidlutions also reserves the right to block you at any time, without prior notice, if you are engaging in activities deemed to be inconsistent with the terms of service, or abusing the affiliate program in any way. Our payout policy still remains the same in both of the above given scenarios. Your final payment, if any is owed, will be sent at the close of the month after you close your account with us (or after which we block your account), at which time, the balance in your account will be paid in full. Any discrepancies, questions of account balances and/or payouts will be handled with Affiliatly's confirmation of the balance amount in the account at closing. 

What if Kidlutions switches to a different affiliate program or dissolves this program?

You will be notified if we switch to another affiliate program, or if we dissolve this program, which we may do at any time at our sole discretion. If we dissolve the program, you will be paid out what is in your account, minus any returns, at the end of the month following the month we delete the account, regardless of whether you have met the $50.00 threshold or not. If we switch to a new program, you will be welcome to join and we will make every effort to transfer your data at the time of the switch, if allowable. We won't switch without letting you know. In the event we cannot transfer your data to any future program, we will invite you to join us and provide the requisite links. 

How will I receive information about Kidlutions' sales, events and promotions? Will we get any support?

YES, support will be available. When you sign up for our affiliate program, you will also be prompted to sign up for our affiliate newsletter, which you must opt into, if you wish to get our flyers, promos and other information to help you best enhance your earnings. Newsletters will include all the information included above, as well as some tips and tricks to increase your performance. You'll be part of the Kidlutions' team, and as such, we'll keep you in the "loop". These newsletters will come out occasionally. We promise not to inundate you with emails. We will communicate when necessary to let you know about sales, specials and promos.

Help me understand my affiliate dashboard.

Homepage - 
When you sign in, your dashboard will open to your homepage. On your homepage, you'll find your earnings information, as well as how many visitors clicked through, along with the percentage of conversions (purchases). From your homepage, you'll be able to navigate across the through the dashboard via the menu you find close to the top. The page you are on will be visible on your screen.

Profile -
One tab over to the right from the homepage screen you will find your profile. Here, you can update your personal information such as email, phone number and the like. You may also change your password from this page. 

Information Page -

One tab over to the right from your Profile Page will be the Information Page. This page is where you will find your unique affiliate link, which you can use for all of your promotions. This page also has a hyperlink to the link generator, which is the next tab on the menu.

Link Generator Page - 
This page will provide you with a place to paste any links you specifically choose as a landing page for any promotion or product you wish to share with your affiliate id. The link generator will automatically add your unique affiliate id. It takes the guesswork out of it!

Orders Page -
This one is pretty self-explanatory. It will the orders that were made through your links. It is searchable by date, if you so choose.

Payments Page 
This page will track your payments.
Banners Page - 
This is where the fun comes in! It all comes alive on this page! Currently, our banners are available in two sizes:

Twitter/Blog Post/Web Images
1024 x 512 pixels

Instagram/Blog Post/Pinterest/Facebook/Web Images
1080x1080 pixels

If you are uncertain what size the image is, you can find that right above the picture in black text. It shows you right by "Dimensions". This program does not allow us to organize our pictures by type and we apologize for that. We will be trying to see if they can create that option. We are keeping our fingers crossed. 

How Do I Use the Images on Social Media?
For Social Media use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), you'll want to right click on the image and save it. Then, simply upload the image to your social media and use your unique affiliate link in the text of the post to drive traffic. 

For the generic images, you can use your common affiliate link. However, if you are tweeting or pinning a specific product that is pictured, it would be really smart to go to that page in our shopify store, copy the link and put it in the Link Generator, so it will add your unique affilate code. That just makes it easier for the shopper. 

This might seem a bit cumbersome to you in the beginning, but it goes quickly once you get the hang of it. If you save all of your links in a document, it makes it easy for future use.
If this part is too confusing to you, simply use your common affiliate id for everything. That will get people to our store and they can poke around once they get there.

Simply go to the Banners Page and click on the image you wish to use. The image will open up larger and you will find a blue button that says "Generate". Press that and the HTML will be created for you. Now, simply grab that and paste into your website using the HTML pasting tool. (We are sorry, we cannot provide internet/computer support any further than these directions.)

Finally, this brings us to the FAQ Page.

FAQ Page

This page will be updated as we move forward. Click this tab on the menu if you get stuck or need support. Most common problems will be addressed here.

That about does it!

Happy posting! 

We are so glad to have you as 

part of the Kidlutions' family! 

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Managing BIG Feelings the Key to Success

Managing Big Feelings

Feelings come in small, medium, large and super-sized. Helping kids manage them all is the task of parents and caregivers. It's not just a "good idea" to invest time and effort in this endeavor, it's absolutely essential for kids' success!

What We Know

It's no secret that social schools loom large when it comes to being happy, well-adjusted and successful. Information from PBS to Harvard extol the virtues of social-emotional development and the ability to utilize these skills in relationships, work and play. And these skills are becoming increasingly more important, not less so. 

How You Can Help Kids Develop These Crucial Skills

Here are some of our posts that help you support burgeoning social skills:

Help your child develop Emotional Fitness.

And now, you can save up to 50% on our resources 
that support social-emotional development! 
Our Back-to-School special is going on NOW!

We'll see you at the sale! ;)

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Happy Middle Child Day

Happy Middle Child Day!

I got a text from my daughter this afternoon, wishing me "Happy Middle Child Day". You guessed it...she's my middle child. I also happen to be a middle child. We "middles" often get a bad rap, but my girl and I have often relished the thought of being the "in the middle". 

All the best things sometimes come in the the sweet stuff in an Oreo, the good stuff on a cheeseburger, the middle of a bubble-gum sucker...and sometimes, even the monkey in the middle...the list goes on and on. It's never been a better time to be a middle child, as far as I can tell. First borns, last borns, and anywhere in-between borns are pretty spectacular in my book, too!

Famous Middle Children

Here are some famous middle children: 

Abrahma Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Morales, Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Warren Buffett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Madonna and more.

The Research on Birth Order 

There's plenty of research on birth order, and while it's true that where you are born in a family's constellation impacts your experience in the family, nothing is carved in stone. We all become about as successful as we set out to be. This article helps dispel some of the myths about birth order. It also cancels out the idea of falling back on prescribed roles in the family. Birth order isn't destiny...and we all can be whomever we set out to be...responsible, kind, sociable, engaging, studious, successful and every other trait under the sun. I guess it's true what has always been said about practice makes perfect. Whatever we work at most, we become better at.

What will you work on today?

MORE for Parents

If you are a parent, and you happen to have a middle child, that tells me you have a minimum of three children, which means you are no stranger to sibling rivalry! is one of our archived articles on creating a calm family. It links to twelve articles that are helpful for all families. We think any parent can benefit from them, but parents of more than one child can find solace and peace with some of the techniques we share! 

Everybody Calm Down: More Than a Dozen Ideas

Happy Middle Child Day to all you other "middles" out there...especially to my girl!

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