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BLOOM Brainsmarts Online: Neuroscience and Research Change Everything

BLOOM Brainsmarts Online

It's here, it's here! It's finally here! BLOOM Brainsmarts is now available online. Put the research and neuroscience to work in your classroom, home or clinic!

Over the past year, Lynne and I did two live BLOOM Brainsmarts trainings for Canada, but had worldwide viewership through the magic of online web-based trainings! Our friends from the Phillipines, UK and more were able to be part of it all. Dr. Kenney has been as far as China and I've been to South Dakota, Wisconsin and my home-state of Michigan to BLOOM with educators and parents. BLOOM has been translated and published in Indonesia and also now available in that country!

Help for Thousands

Thousands of classrooms, parents, clinicians and, ultimately, kids have benefited from what the research says and what neuroscience supports as best-practices in learning and behavior. Dr. Kenney and I provided it in our BLOOM book, and now, we've expanded and enhanced it all in our on-demand, on…

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