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Peace on Earth Begins at Home

Peace on Earth Begins at Home...

It's a simple concept that can be shared with few words...and a video clip that's less than a minute long. The message is short, the impact is huge.

Peace on Earth begins at home...

In the everyday little things we do.

Kindness begets kindness.

When we shine a light on what is right...

We get more of it...

And it spreads outwards in all directions.

Be a peacemaker.

Start now.

Never stop.

Create a ripple effect and watch things change around you.

From the Kidlutions Family to Yours!

Get a Piece of Calm for Your Family
If you're feeling like a peaceful, calm family is way out of reach for you...think again! There is much you can do to turn the tide in your abode! It just takes some willingness and stick-to-it-tiveness to turn it all around. We've some posts that can help. To see the full collection of more than two dozen articles that will help you create your own calm family, GO HERE!
Resources that Help Kids at …

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