Play Therapy: Where Anything is Possible

Play Therapy

Play therapy allows a child to speak in the language of their heart. It gives voice when there are no words.  

Where else can you have a tropical vacation in the middle of a snowstorm?

I rather like that idea!

An Oasis from the Mayhem

This is a quick little playdough-scape that kiddo threw together in my office today.  I adore the sharp juxtaposition of the sandy beach and the snowy day that swirled outside. Metaphorically, and quite simply, it explains a lot about play therapy.  There are many parallels to be drawn here, but for the purposes of this post, let's focus on the fact that play therapy provides an oasis in which to take respite, the calm in the storm of one's life. When chaos and mayhem swirls about, play therapy provides a safe tool with which to process it.

Ultimately, it provides kids with the ability to believe in themselves, and their ability to bounce back from whatever threatens to hold them back from all they are capable of becoming. Play can do that!

Inside the confines of the office, we had this:

While just outside the door, we had this:

Miracles happen every day in play therapy.  
Wouldn't you agree?

Some of our playful resources that help kids:


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